Philadelphia Legal Support Services

Legal documents and processes can be intimidating, particularly for anyone unfamiliar with them. The legal process is filled with a myriad of seemingly strange rules and mountains of paperwork. To add to the intimidation, a single mistake can be incredibly costly, in time, money, and livelihood. When you need legal support services in Philadelphia, you want professionals that you can trust to guide you through this legal minefield and help you get the best possible results with the least aggravation. Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving provides Philadelphia legal support services that you can trust implicitly.

Wide Range of Legal ServicesPhiladelphia Legal Support Services

You don't always need a full attorney for legal services, but you do need someone who is conversant with the law and who can call on a full attorney if the situation suddenly changes. At Fredericks & Palmer, you can find assistance for various legal services including:

  • Court Filings
  • Summons
  • Subpeonas
  • Messenger Services
  • Notarizing Documents
  • Court Document Research

Additional services are also available, including professional legal advice for more difficult situations. Every attorney at Fredericks & Palmer is Bar certified, so you can be assured that your Philadelphia legal support services will be of the highest quality.

The Speed of the Legal Process​

While the legal process may seem ponderously slow at times, it is actually often quite rapid. Deadlines for paperwork or summons can sometimes be just a matter of days and missing even a single deadline is devastating. Fredericks & Palmer is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide legal support. You can get rush jobs and even same-day jobs if you have sudden need of legal support services in Philadelphia. When you rely on Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving, you know that you will never run afoul of the consequences of a missed deadline.

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