Witness Location service

Are you having trouble locating a witness for your upcoming trial? Fredericks and Palmer Process Serving offers a team of legal investigators who can assist you with locating defendants and other key witnesses. We have a wide network of resources at our disposal, including well-connected contacts and state-of-the-art technology, making it easy to find witnesses anywhere across the United States! It's time to focus your efforts on your case and let our experienced team handle the search for you.

Find Witnesses Fast

Our legal investigators boast a 95% success rate and can usually close cases within 72 hours; we rank among the top in the industry! Feel confident in your decision to choose Fredericks and Palmer for your witness location service needs. 

To get started, please fill out the form below. You will need to provide your contact information along with the name and details of the witness. The more information you provide, the easier it will be to pinpoint your witness. We will respond to you within 24 hours.


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