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Filing Court Documents Philadelphia, PAContrary to how they are often portrayed on TV, court proceedings are incredibly complicated. You need to fill out very specific paperwork, within very tight deadlines, in exactly the correct manner. If you make even a single mistake, it can cost you months or even years of work. If you are about to be involved in court proceedings in the Philadelphia area, you can take your chances that you won't make any mistakes or you can hire the services of professionals with years of experience providing court filing services. Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving are thos professionals that can help ensure your paperwork is always correct and filed on time.

Available Court Filing Services

At Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving, we provide a wide selection of court filing services for customers in the Philadelphia area. Our services include:

  • Subpoenas and Summons
  • Complaint Services
  • Document Research
  • Messenger Services
  • Court Filings
  • Notary Services
  • Skip Tracing
  • Document Preparation

The professionals at Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving are familiar with all types of legal proceedings and documents. We can provide consultation on what action you need to take, what documentation you need to provide, when it needs to be provided, and even file the documents for you. This expert assistance increases your chances of getting a positive result from your court experience.

Nationwide Services

One of the major benefits of getting court filing services from Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving is that we offer nationwide services. This means we can serve a subpoena or file court documents anywhere in the country. This can be particularly useful if someone files a lawsuit against you in another state or a key person in your court case has fled the state. With nationwide court filing services from Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving, your legal proceedings can continue at a reasonable pace even when witnesses or proceedings occur in another state.

Court Filing Made Easy

When you are involved in a court case, you want a winning edge. With Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving on your side, court filing is easy and hassle free, giving you the edge you need. Give us a call for fast & affordable court filing services today!

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