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Legal paperwork can only be served if the party in question can be found. With skip trace services from Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving, the target of your legal papers won't be able to hide as long as they remain in the United States.

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The main advantage you get from a skip tracking company like Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving is that location never matters. Our skip trace services may start in Philadelphia, but we have investigators nationwide that are capable of tracking down individuals and serving legal paperwork. Furthermore, we use advanced technology and have access to up to date databases that can help us determine almost any information needed about our quarry, including past addresses, phone numbers, acquaintances, professional licenses, and aliases. With this information and with a highly skilled professional investigation team, our skip tracking company boasts a 95% success rate at finding individuals.

The Value of Skip Trace Services

When you need to file paperwork, find witnesses, or enforce the outcome of a legal proceeding, skip tracing can be a critical service. With skip trace services you can:

  • Deliver a subpeona
  • Locate hidden money
  • Find witnesses
  • Discover the location of a non-custodial parent
  • Have a lien placed on an individual

These are just some of the benefits you get from a good skip tracking company. Without these benefits, you could lose a civil case simply because you were unable to find a witness or unable to serve paperwork in a timely manner. Similarly, without skip trace services, you might find it impossible to actually gain the positive results of a favorable ruling made by a judge or jury.

Fast and Inexpensive Services

At Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving we take pride in offering fast and inexpensive skip tracing services to our Philadelphia customers. We are open 24 hours a day and our average turn around times is less than 72 hours. If you need a skip tracking company, there is simply no one better than Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving.

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