New Jersey Legal Filing Service

At Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving LLC, our team will deliver accurate and timely service for filing court documents, or any other legal service you need. Our New Jersey legal filing service can help you to properly and effectively file the necessary court documents as required, without delay. With our experience and dedication to providing you with exceptional service, you can count on us for any type of court filing need.

Benefits of Our Legal Filing Services New Jersey Court Filing Services

We can gather and submit just about any court document, including all types of subpoena, summons, and complaints. Let us help you to provide accurate and on-time filings to ensure their is no delay for the court date. We not only serve New Jersey, but we also offer nationwide legal filing. No matter where you are located or what time its is, we can provide you with the help you need.

Dedicated and Experienced

We offer a comprehensive list of services, including skip tracing, messenger services and legal support. When you need a rush job, even same day service, put our team to work for you. We are available virtually anywhere and at any time to meet your needs. We also offer court reporters and conference rooms available to you when you need them.

Filing Court Documents with Fredericks & Palmer

At Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving LLC, we're here for you when you need us. We handle all types of legal requests served throughout the United States, including filing court documents in New Jersey. Contact us today for the help you need to submit your legal documents on time.

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  • Assist with filing your case in court
  • Serve defendants with Summons, Complaints
  • Serve witnesses with Subpoenas and other documents
  • Provide notarized Affidavits of service
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Court Reporters and Conference Rooms

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Witness Location

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We can assist your firm with managing your service of process.

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