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Delivering a subpoena is an incredibly important and serious matter. The service you select to handle the task of presenting the critical documents to the intended party has to get to the right person within a very narrow window of time.

Anyone wishing to serve a subpoena in New Jersey should call on Fredericks & Palmer. We are among the top New Jersey subpoena services available.

A subpoena must be clearly understandable to the person who receives one. The legal language used in the document must be in accordance with the law. Only an expert legal mind should ever compose a subpoena, and the professionals at Fredericks & Palmer possess the expertise to craft a document that gets across all the necessary information the document must contain.

Our Subpoena Services in New Jersey

New Jersey Subpoena ServicesOnce a person is served, there will be no ambiguity about what the document says. The time frame to deliver a subpoena to someone is commonly very narrow. In some cases, the subpoena must be delivered the same day it is requested. With time so much of the essence, hiring one of the top New Jersey subpoena services is the only option available to those with court cases pending. At Fredericks & Palmer, we assure you that your subpoena will always be direct, unambiguous, and delivered within this critcal time window. 

Serving a subpoena must be done efficiently and timely. Fredericks & Palmer has long since established a track record of reliably and successfully performing the tasks requested of them. Anyone who requires these critical documents be served should call our offices to discuss the matter.

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When you need a subpoena delivered, choose the legal support service with the knowledge to do the job right. If you're in New Jersey, contact Fredericks and Palmer today.


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