Nationwide Subponea Preparation

When you are engaged in a legal matter or dispute, you can't afford any mistakes. Even the slightest miscue can cost you money, time, or even your freedom. The proper handling of subpoenas is particularly critical to many civil and criminal cases. If you need to prepare and serve a subpoena anywhere in the United States, there is no team you can trust more than the legal experts at Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving.

Preparation ServicesNationwide Subponea Preparation

There are two steps to serving a subpoena. The first step is for the subpoena to be properly drafted. Even if you are familiar with the court laws in your state, you aren't likely to be familiar with the court laws in all states. This is where Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving can help you. Our legal experts can provide nationwide subpoena preparation services because we are familiar with the relevant laws in all 50 states. Our network of associates can draft a subpoena for any type of legal matter in any state in the country within hours of your need. Prompt and state law compliant subpoena preparation is critical to engaging in the legal process in today's modern world.

Nationwide Subpoena Serving

In addition to preparing subpoenas quickly and compliantly, we also have the ability to serve your subpoena to any party nationwide. We have agents throughout the country that are experienced at locating parties for legal matters and serving subpoenas properly. This is particularly important since the legal system often puts time limits on how long you can wait to serve a subpoena. That time limit doesn't offer any leniency for witnesses being other states or hard to locate. Thus, if you need to serve a subpoena to an out of state witness or someone who is trying to remain hidden, you need the nationwide subpoena services of Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving.

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