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Legal processes are rarely simple, especially when you are engaged in legal action with people who are in a different state or intentionally trying to hide. With a situation like this, it can be incredibly difficult to serve papers or depose witnesses. Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving solves that problem by providing nationwide legal services. We have agents around the country who are skilled at doing the necessary investigative work to find people and serve them with legal documents. If you are engaged in any form of litigation with a person or company that is difficult to identify or locate, or simply is in a far away state, our services are ideal for your needs.

Legal Services from Fredericks & Palmer Process ServingNationwide Legal Services

At Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving, we do more than just depose witnesses and serve papers. We offer a large suit of services for all your legal needs, including:

  • Document research at any courthouse in the country
  • Document filing at any location in the country
  • Legal document preparation
  • Application assistance for subpeonas
  • Notary services for all types of documents

With this variety of services, Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving is useful for more than just litigation. We are your one stop option for all legal procedures, papers, and services you or your business might need.

Making Nationwide Legal Services Hassle Free

When you hire Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving, we make the legal process as hassle free as possible. Once we have taken your case, we will handle every step of the legal process in as stress free a manner as possible. We do the work and keep you informed in a hassle free way. If there are any delays or anything that requires your immediate attention, we will advise you promptly, but otherwise you can be comfortable knowing that your legal process is in the hands of experts.

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