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Fredericks & Palmer Process Servers offers comprehensive legal services for businesses. Most businesses do not have a regular need for legal services and maintaining staff to provide sporatic services does not make economic sense. Selecting a legal service such as Fredericks & Palmer, which specializes in business legal services, can provide substantial cost savings. We employ a nationwide network of professionally trained court reporters available for depositions, examinations, and other legal service. One call to Fredericks & Palmer will put you in touch with a court report in your area, even on short notice.

The Benefit of Professional Court Reporters Nationwide Court Reporters

Having a professional and attentive court reporter can make all the difference in your documents. Examination transcripts are vital to investigations and errors and omissions can be costly. Our court reporters aim for the highest accuracy, while still providing affordable, local service. All court reporters affiliated with Fredericks & Palmer are experienced in providing reporting services during depositions as well. Our reporters offer 95% or better accuracy and transcribe over 200 words per minute. With substantial experience, our reporting team is confident you will be satisfied with the reporting service provided. If you need a court reporter in a court room, law office, classroom, or conference, rest assured Fredericks & Palmer can place an experienced court reported into your facility with no frustration or hassle.

Legal Services at Fredericks & Palmer 

Our staff utilizes the most up-to-date technology, allowing access to transcribed words instantly. If an expedited transcript is needed for proceedings or ongoing settlement discussions, we can work with you to meet your expectations and best equip your company to prevail. You should only think of one name when you need comprehensive nationwide legal support services, such as court reporting. Fredericks & Palmer is the renowned for reputable legal services, and in legal services reputation is everything, trust your business with nothing less.

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