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Creating, processing, and delivering legal documents is tricky. The laws surrounding legal documents are very complex and require in-depth knowledge in order to stay compliant. This is especially important because even a single mistake with a legal document can be devastating when you are involved in a lawsuit, as either a plaintiff or as a defendant. In order to ensure that all of your legal documents are correctly filed and served in the Atlantic City area, you should enlist the subpoena services of Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving.

Subpoena Delivery Anywhere in the U.S.Atlantic City Subpoena Services

In addition to drafting and filing subpoenas, Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving offers unparalleled subpoena delivery services. With affiliates throughout the United States, we are able to deliver subpoenas to individuals anywhere in the the United States. This is particularly important because subpoenas must be delivered within a specific time frame in order for them to be valid.

As part of our subpoena services, we will not only deliver the subpoena, but also track down the recipient if necessary. It doesn't matter if the target of the subpoena is a reluctant witness or a defendant in hiding, our professional investigative staff will seek out and confirm delivery, as quickly as possible, anywhere in the nation. Just because you are in Atlantic City that doesn't mean your legal reach ends at the city border.

Emergency Services When Necessary

Is a deadline for legal document filing or delivery fast approaching? With Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving in your corner, you don't need to worry. Our services are available 24 hours a day for emergency drafting, filing, and deliveries. Even if you have less than 24 hours left to the deadline, we can help you get in under the wire. Before you let your time run out and harm your case, contact the emergency subpoena services of Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving in the Atlantic City area and ensure that your case continues smoothly.

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