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Posting bail for an individual is a serious decision. Unfortunately, it's also usually a decision made under stress, when a person you value and/or care about is in jail. Whether that's a loved one, an employee or a client, you'll forfeit that money if that person doesn't return to court for his or her scheduled appearance(s) before the judge. Often the amount in question is hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. When the unthinkable happens and you're left footing the bill. That's when Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving can help.

Skip Trace ServicesAtlantic City Skip Tracing Company

At Fredericks & Palmer, we will help to find that person you bailed out of jail and then failed to appear in court. There's no risk to you. If we don't find him or her, there's no charge for our services. We're so confident that we'll get the results you need, that we'll foot the bill for our efforts if we can't return the person who skipped into the hands of the court system.

We use state-of-the-art technology to track the person who skipped bail. If he or she takes money out of an ATM, uses a credit card or checks in with family or close friends, we'll find them. We combine computer technology with "old school" detective work to achieve a more than 95 percent success rate.

At Fredericks & Palmer We Get Results

Our comprehensive skip tracing system gets results. Plus, we'll start work on your case within 24 hours of your contacting our office. On average, we find the missing person within 72 hours. We handle large and small cases and work with individuals, lawyers and corporations with equal determination.

To learn more about skip tracing services in the Atlantic City area, call Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving today at (insert contact information.)

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