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The legal system is complicated and filled with red tape. Even one small mistake can cost you standing in a lawsuit. Dedicated process servers ensure that all of your legal paperwork is correctly filled out, filed, and delivered per the exact requirements of the law. Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving is the most reliable and highest quality process server in the Atlantic City area. By trusting your legal needs to Fredericks & Palmer, your legal paperwork is guaranteed to be filled out correctly based on the jurisdiction it is filed in and always on time.

Nationwide Services Offered by Fredericks & PalmerAtlantic City Process Serving

Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving offers nationwide process serving for your lawsuits, with additional services available in the nearby states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

  • Any legal document served nationwide
  • Legal support services nationwide
  • Nationwide court filings
  • Nationwide messenger services and skip tracing
  • Daily service offered in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware
  • Court documents researched locally
  • Atlantic City mobile notary service available

Our process servers can assist you with every step of your lawsuit. We know the laws and deadlines in every jurisdiction and can provide same day service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you need a rush job completed. Additionally, we can help you serve subpoenas or file paperwork in any state in the country. This allows you to respond to out-of-state lawsuits without difficulty or track down witnesses or defendants that have left the area. All of these benefits remove the inherent difficulties in the legal process.

Protecting Your Interests 

When you file a lawsuit without hiring a high quality process serving company, you risk not only losing standing in your lawsuit, but potentially having to pay penalties or costs associated with the failed lawsuit. Hiring Fredericks & Palmer Process Serving protects your interests and your finances by ensuring that you never miss a deadline and never fill out paperwork incorrectly. If you are planning to start a lawsuit in or near the Atlantic City area, there is no company that you can better trust to protect your interests.

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